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leapfrog your tech team and product development

build remote-first, distributed teams in ~7 days and speed-up your go-to-market by 50%

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build and grow your business while we build tech that stays and scales

As a startup - it's important to focus on getting things done. We do exactly that. We take the driver's seat from tech & product perspective while you focus on adoption and growth!

budget that works for you

Get talent that suits your budget and requirement. We get this done super FAST!

Yes, even in the current competitive landscape

immediate replacements with 0 risk hirings

Not satisfied with the dev you just hired?

Get it replaced within 2-7 days. No questions asked

predictable talent

That's quite important right? 90% devs sourced through trusted referrals! All devs goes through a grilling interview process and cultural assessment!

Besides, our in-house process of driving accountability & ownership ensures that devs are super invested in your journey

cultural integration

In a remote setup, it's important for all stakeholders to understand the local sentiments and each other's style. 

We help with cultural integration to make the devs feel at home in the remote setup!

Not only this, we help instilling trust with the newly onboarded team!

Risk free hiring

Don't like the onboarded devs? Replace anytime during contract with only few days notice. 

we own the risk, you own the reward!

Hire on your payroll

Ready to own your own team?


No more wasting time on hiring and KT, hire the devs on your payroll after 1 year engagement

1:1 with tech leaders

Can't afford to hire a hot-shot CTO?


we connect you with engineering leaders (on-demand) to validate the architecture and design

Investor community access

Get access to investor community of 500+ angel investors and institutional VS's

of our clients


why us?


tech teams delivered 


talent geo unlocked


startups raised 10mn+


days team onboarding


payroll managed

Business Meeting

Upto 10k USD in credits